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Your watercolor illustration is stunning — and the picture is fun and hilarious. I really enjoyed seeing it (In reference to “Hilda takes a Break”).

— Mark Mitchell, Author and Illustrator, and founder of How To Be a Children’s Book Illustrator.

I have known Jane and her work for many years. She has been one of my Art Heroes for my entire professional life. She is a demon worker, and does not give up until she gets exactly what she wants. She is meticulous and very creative.

— Theta Belcher, Assistant Gallery Director, San Jose State University

I always enjoy the illustrations of Jane Pendleton Miller, for their combination of vitality and sensitivity. The narrative within the work is intriguing and I love the flow of their visual constructs and the richness of colour.

— Christopher Groucut, Totnes, England. Chair for Arts University of Plymouth, UK

These are extraordinary illustrations that reveal the rich imagination and the artistic skills of the highly accomplished artist Jane Pendleton Miller. The colors are rich, warm, and inviting; the subjects full of life and individual personality. There is whimsy, there is gravity, and there is genuine affection in these pieces. I’d like to sit down for a chat with any and all of these characters.

— Buff Bradley, activist, writer, and former elementary school teacher

Jane Miller is one of my favorite illustrators of all time and I was privileged to have her as a teacher… She has just put together a new portfolio of images for her children’s book illustration, You just get better and better, Jane Pendleton Miller.

— Erin Gafil, Professional Artist, Big Sur, CA.